It’s a Boy!

It’s a Boy!, originally uploaded by JoshB.

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14 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!

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  3. Congratulations or should I say félicitations as French say it !!!

    Brilliant idea this moblogging ; wish it had existed when I had my two sons – I didn’t even have a blog at that time to moan about pregnancy etc. But I’m catching up now.

    Sunny greetings from Paris,

    A Finnish mum from Paris who blogs in French and Finnish

  4. CONGRATS!!!! I can’t believe your wife let you liveblog the event. I’ve liveblogged a few things…but I don’t think I would of ever thought of doing such on the birth of a child.

    You are one lucky father…you’ve got 2 great childrend and one amazing wife. I wish I could only be as fortunate.

  5. Alana says:

    Congrats!! We are so happy for you guys! Norm, only you would think of something so geeky…. But very cool. Rachel your the best wife!
    We love you guys!

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