Scoble teases about new Apple products next week

Apple is holding their big WWDC (Worldwide Development Conference) next week, starting August 7. And of course, we’re expecting some big, exciting product announcements, as only Apple and Steve Jobs can do. And the speculation has been running wild for months – what will we get? Intel Core 2 Duo “Woodcrest” powered Mac Pro workstations? Updated Mac Book Pros with Core 2 Duo “Merom”? The fabled video iPod? The rumored Mac mini-tablet? Only The Steve knows.

But Robert Scoble apparently has some inside information that’s got him really excited, and that in turn has got me excited. Last night he said:

Speaking of Apple, they are readying a dizzying amount of new products. I wish I could camp out at an Apple store during the World Wide Developer Conference on August 7th. I wish I could say more, but that’d get me sued by Steve Jobs and I don’t need that kind of heck right now.

And then today he follows up with:

I believe Vista DOES make our computing lives easier. The desktop search features are a huge advance. The multimedia capabilities are WORLDS ahead of anything else I’ve used. And the Tablet PC, Speech Recognition, and Media Center stuff that’s in there is WORLDS ahead of Apple. Although watch Apple in a week. Hint hint.

Any details to add fuel the rumor mill? Nope. But the fact that Scoble knows something, and is excited is enough to get geeks like me excited vicariously. 🙂

Where will you be on Monday August 7? I’ll be at Intel’s Hudson, MA site talking about wikis, after attending and presenting at the WIkimania 2006 conference in Boston over the weekend. But you can bet I’ll be keeping an eye on a route to the Apple Store in Cambridge should the need to run out and throw my money at Steve Jobs get the better of me. 😉

Update: Microsoft’s Pete Wright weighs in with his predictions. In my deep, secret, heart of hearts, I hoping for an iTablet of some sort. Think a UMPC-style device, with sexy Apple design. *swoon* Steve! Take my money, man! Now! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Scoble teases about new Apple products next week

  1. Strangely, outside of the general background noise of rumors (true video iPod, iPhone, media center, tablet), I have heard nothing terribly strong or compelling in the rumor arena. It’s not at all like previous WWDC where specific rumors (which may or not have been accurate–remember codename “Astroid?”) would rise above the rest.

  2. Brian, that makes it all the more exciting. When the rumor mill is convinced that they know what the announcement will be, and they’re right (like with the Mac Books), it’s almost anticlimactic when the announcement is made.

    But when everything is equally uncertain, that makes whatever is going to be announced an even bigger surprise! 🙂

    Frankly, because of the lack of a really strong rumor, I was getting ready to be let down with announcements of incremental upgrades, etc., But Scoble got me excited again. 🙂

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