Wikimania 2006: Jason Calacanis and Yochai Benkler

Jason Calacanis asked a pointed question of Yochai Benkler, after his session on The Wealth of Networks, about some people getting paid for Free Open Source Software (like the Mozilla Foundation, Wikipedia, etc.), and the disparity that creates between them and the people that still contribute for free.

This sparked a lively discussion, which continued after Yochai’s session was over. I happened to be nearby to shoot this video. Not sure if the audio is going to be clear enough, but here you go anyway…

This video was originally shared on by Josh Bancroft with a Creative Commons Attribution license.

6 thoughts on “Wikimania 2006: Jason Calacanis and Yochai Benkler

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  4. Josh,

    Great video and great coverage of Wikimania.. I have to say this entire play by Jason is a smart one..See if he gets the “Netscape” name out by saying he will hire bloggers for $1,000 per month is quite smart.. If he hired 10 bloggers and paid them 1,000 per month that a $12,000 per month expense. Do you realize HOW much exposure this story has received? For $140,000 investment he has Netscape’s name tied directly to DIGG..

    Mr Calacanis is a smart businessman and honestly I question, does he really care about the top 10 bloggers or is it for exposure?

  5. Dave, Jason is definitely a shrewd business man. It could very well be that he’s doing it for the exposure. My guess is “both”. 🙂

    I’ll ask him if I bump into him today.

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