WordPress Mobile – automatically redirect mobile devices to a mobile-friendly version of your WordPress Blog

WordPress Mobile is a plugin by Alex King that creates a mobile-friendly version of your WordPress blog, and automatically redirects visitors on mobile devices to that version of the page. You can see what it looks like on this blog by going to

Here’s a screenshot:

On Windows Mobile devices, Pocket IE does a pretty good job of formatting WordPress blogs down to being readable (especially at lower font sizes). But, given all the attention on mobile web stuff lately, I figured I’d better install this plugin (I’ve known about it for a while), and point it out. 🙂


7 thoughts on “WordPress Mobile – automatically redirect mobile devices to a mobile-friendly version of your WordPress Blog

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  2. All the attention to “river of news” and reformat of content… I wonder if the content owners, holders of copyright will be happy in a few weeks time when they realise that their content is being stripped down by a third party, and removed of their revenue generation – adverts.

    Please remember everyone, the Internet can only survive if revenue is generated. Like open to air TV, the content you read is not free, but paid by a third party, the advertiser.

  3. The argument could be made that if one doesn’t want one’s content syndicated, one shouldn’t publish a syndication feed.

    I have ads, but I only make a couple bucks a day, if I’m lucky. It pays for hosting. I care more about readers, since my purpose isn’t revenue, but I can see who some people might not like the fact that their content is being viewed the way we want, instead of the way they want.

  4. Josh,

    I use the same plug-in and added the following to the wp-mobile.css file:

    img {
    width: 70;

    The value is up to you of course. I do not have a handheld so really could not try it anywhere other than my desktop and laptop screens. It helps resize the images for small screens, no matter what the real image size is.


  5. Thanks the the pointer Josh. I went ahead and installed the plugin on my blogs, and noted that it looks much nicer on my LG phone than it did before.

    As for the general idea of the “river of news”, does anyone else think that the value added by someone who merely strips feeds from other websites and trivially reformats them for replublication is rather low?

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