Another anonymous Intel blog has popped up – Intel Perspective

Another anonymous “mini-microsoft”-style blog by an Intel employee has popped up in the blogosphere.

First we had the Unofficial Intel Blog by “Pentrino VI IV”, (who some people still insist is me writing under a pseudonym ;-)). Now, this morning, a little bird brought me word of the “Intel Perspective” blog by “Intel IT Guy”. From his first post:

My goal is write about working at Intel and other related maters. Or whatever happens to spill out that day. This blog will be primarily written for Intel employees, but anyone is welcome to read it. I’ll try to keeep the use of jargon and TLAs to a minium. This is not intended to be a forum for Intel bashing, revealing confidential information, or being (too) vengeful. My hope is to be informative and respectful, funny and enlightening. We’ll see about that.

I’m definitely subscribed – it’s fascinating to me to see the democratizing effect and power that anonymous public conversation can have on a topic. And I wonder how many people will come to the conclusion that I’m “Intel IT Guy”, too… 🙂