Bloglines Responds to Freedback, adds “Are You Sure” Prompt

Yet another reason to love Bloglines. They are really, really good at listening to “freedback”, and responding to it. They even solicit freedback. Sometimes it takes a while, but lately, I’ve felt like they’ve been fixing/adding my personal top list of bugs and feature requests. And that’s a pretty cool feeling. 🙂

This time, they’ve made some tweaks to the way the left pane, which contains your list of feeds, acts. It does some fancy AJAX updating now, to show the number of unread items.

Cool, but one new thing I noticed with that change tonight is this new dialog/prompt that comes up when you click your top level of feeds (to read all unread posts, and mark them as read).

If you have a large number of feeds, or a large number of unread items, and you unintentionally click on that top level folder, it’s bad for a couple of reasons. It has happened to me several times – the last time I blogged this was in March 06:

Just now, I accidentally clicked on the top-level folder in Bloglines, which tells Bloglines to load and display all unread items in all feeds. A handy feature, but I had more than 2000 unread items. I think you can see where this is going…

Firefox barfed (actually, I stopped it, because I didn’t want to wait for everything to load). And all of those feed items were immediately marked as Read. Ooops.

So, thanks to the Bloglines team for listening to us, and making Bloglines better! 🙂

Now, can we get a check box in the options to disable it? Yes, I’m needy and demanding. 😉 But keep being this responsive, and no one will care about Google’s newly updated online feed Reader, which stole several key Bloglines features (folders, mobile version, etc.)…


3 thoughts on “Bloglines Responds to Freedback, adds “Are You Sure” Prompt

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  2. Has anyone else experienced problems using Bloglines Mobile since the Ajaxification of the left pane occurred?

    I now only see the extras menu. On the desktop version, I see the extras menu for a second while my feeds load. I don’t think that the Smartphone version of IE can handle the Ajax.

    If this doesn’t resolve quickly, I’m going to have to abandon my beloved Bloglines for another online reader (maybe Google reader?). I’d hate to do it because I’ve been so happy with Bloglines in general. But if it’s broke…

  3. Pocket IE definitely can’t do AJAX.

    What might have happened is that you lost the “mobile” cookie that tells Pocket IE to use the simple version.

    Try going to to reset that cookie, and see if that brings back the mobile version. It’s been working fine for me.

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