First Family Portrait with Gabriel

First Family Portrait with Gabriel, originally uploaded by JoshB.

Emma came to visit with aunt Rebecca, to meet her baby brother Gabriel. She took the news that he’s not a little girl named Eliza pretty well. It was sooo cute to see her face light up, and watch her check him out. ๐Ÿ™‚

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10 thoughts on “First Family Portrait with Gabriel

  1. Lisa Scheuerman says:

    Congratulations! You have such a cute family! My “little” girl just started middle school last week and my “baby” boy is in third grade! Savor every moment!


    Kurt, Lisa, Amy and Nicholas

  2. Kerri Judd says:

    YEAH!!!!! congratulations Rachel and hubby, who i hope to meet one day… Gabriel is just darling and i look the name! i can believe how big Emma has gotten. She is so cute. I can see rachel in her. is she as crazy as her mama :0) Do enjoy them… seeing these pictures brought back memeories for me when ashley and tanner were at that stage i loved it. Ashley was so sweet to her little brother… now all they do is fight :0( Rachel you look great!!! love ya Kerri

  3. Congratulations you guys….really exciting to see the family photo. Hope you had an “as-relaxing-as-possible-with-a-newborn-and-toddler” long weekend.

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