I’m in the Wall Street Journal for the Intel wiki I created!

I’ve been chatting with a reporter from the Wall Street Journal, who is writing an article about companies that use social software like wikis behind the firewall.

As of an hour or so ago, the article is out, but it’s behind the WSJ pay wall. I’m going to see if I can get permission to repost it, or at least the part about me and Intel (and the company-wide wiki I created there). Fans of TinyPodcast (remember that? ;-)) will be pleased to note that Brian was quoted in the article, too. Stay tuned for more info.

The way I found the article is very interesting – it showed up in one of my “ego search feeds”. I have RSS feeds for queries in Technorati, Bloglines, Google Blog Search, etc. for my name and the names of my sites, and Bloglines snagged it tonight (it hasn’t shown up in any of the others yet). I was able to read the whole article cached on Bloglines, but out of respect to the WSJ, I’m not going to post it or a link to the Bloglines cache without their permission.


10 thoughts on “I’m in the Wall Street Journal for the Intel wiki I created!

  1. I’m quoted in the same article. I spoke in some detail, and stressed the positive developments for internal blogs at my company. Guess what quote the WSJ used, my only slightly negative comment. Reporters!#?

  2. MikeM says:

    Hey, full-fledged national coverage, very nice and well-deserved for the efforts of bringing new media to the masses (the masses being folks lke me). Thanks for l the work you and everyone else do to make this community a reality.

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