iPod Nano 2G 8GB

iPod Nano 2G 8GB – Front, originally uploaded by JoshB.

Theo at work caved in and bought an iPod – the second generation Nano, 8GB, in black. He brought it over and let me take a few photos, and fondle it. 🙂

There’s just something indescribeable about how the new aluminum bodied Nano feels in the hand. You just want to hold it, and caress it. It feels alternately cool and warm, depending on whether it’s been running or been held recently. And the screen is much brighter than before.

Very tempting, but the price is still kind of steep at $249. You can get the 30GB 5G hard drive model for the same price. And really hard to justify for someone who already has a 60GB 5G iPod, like me.

You can see the few other shots I took of it in this photoset on Flickr.


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