iTunes 7 New iPod Management Interface

Here’s a screegrab of the new iPod management interface in the newly released iTunes version 7.

The iPod Software Updater functionality has been moved in here, instead of being in a separate app. Too bad there’s wasn’t a firmware update available to give my 5G 60GB iPod the new search and UI features that were announced in the new iPods today.

Across the top, you can see tabs for each of the types of data you can manage on the iPod – note the new “Games” tab. Other than that, the functions that you can get to are pretty much the same thing as before, except now they’re much easier to get to, without having to dive into the Preferences menu.

I also really dig the color-coded free space gauge on the bottom. You can see that I have about 7GB of music, 3GB of video (mostly podcasts), 12GB of photos (I sync my digital photo library at home to my iPod for redundancy/backup), and 8GB of “Other”, which consists of files I’ve put on the iPod when used in disk mode.

Overall, very pretty, and slick. Thanks, Steve! 🙂


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