Only a Matter of Time

Blogging Blackmail

As Emma and Gabriel grow up, I suppose it’s only a matter of time before a scene like this one plays out in the Bancroft household… πŸ™‚

(If you’re not already, go subscribe to bLaugh – the unOfficial Comic of the Blogosphere – from whence this image came.)


My Orange Crocs

My Orange Crocs, originally uploaded by JoshB.

I realized I haven’t posted any pictures of my orange Crocs yet. So here they are. Most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned.

And yes, I got these because they’re RSS orange, and I call them my RSS evangelism shoes – they start lots of conversations! πŸ™‚


Updated my Blogroll, now Supercharged by Grazr

I’ve been reading the last couple of days about how Grazr hit 1.0, and decided to check it out. It’s a really cool service that lets you create a little embeddable window/widget to display any feed or OPML file.

I decided to overhaul my Blogroll section over in the sidebar using Grazr, and I’m very pleased with the results. If you’re reading this in an aggregator, pop on over to the front page for a minute and check it out.

It’s well known that I use Bloglines as my aggregator. One reason I like it so much is that it’s web based, and provides a “live” browseable view and OPML export of my subscriptions that automatically get updated based on what I subscribe to.

I built the Grazr widget based on my Bloglines OPML export URL, so every time I subscribe to/unsubscribe from a feed, or change the folder structure, it will get updated in real time. I really like how you can click on the outline, and see the feeds in each folder, and even click on a feed to read the latest items. It’s almost like having a full blown OPML viewer embedded over there in my sidebar. Oh, wait. That’s exactly what it is. πŸ™‚

I’m back up over 1000 subscribed feeds, and I’ve put a lot of work into organizing them into relevant folders and sorting by priority/interest, so I always see the stuff I don’t want to miss at the top of the list. Now you can easily look through those subscriptions, without ever leaving the site. It’s turned the traditional “dead” blogroll into a live browsable reading list. Plus it looks cool.

Anyway, thanks to the Grazr folks for providing such a cool tool. Give it a spin, kick the tires, and let me know what you think. Then go get one for your own blog! πŸ™‚


Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Today, September 19, is Talk Like a Pirate Day. will be observing this holiday all day long, to stop by and check it out. All over the site, thar be pirates lurkin and talkin.

Tonight on TV, the couple behind were on ABC’s Wife Swap TV show. We happened to be flipping through the channels, and I recognized them from being on the site earlier. It was a rousin’ good time to watch on the old telly.

Go shiver some timbers or something, and have a jolly time releasing your inner pirate! πŸ™‚

EDIT: I disabled the “Talk like a Pirate” plugin, as it was causing my post and comment RSS feeds to continuously refresh, since the text in them was, in fact, being changed. But e’en though the plugin walked the plank, I’ll still be observing Talk like a Pirate Day, matey! πŸ™‚


Watching Wubbzy

Watching Wubbzy, originally uploaded by JoshB.

Emma is addicted to watching The Wubbcast, a cartoon video podcast for preschoolers, and other video podcasts. My little geek girl! πŸ™‚

Taken as a test of uploading by email from my new LG Fusic phone, as part of the Sprint Ambassador Program phase II.

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TinyPodcast Returns! And you thought it would never happen…

16 minutes long, about 7 MB. You can download the MP3 file here, or simply subscribe to the feed in your favorite podcast aggregator. If you happen to still be subscribed to the old TinyPodcast feed, that will work, too (I’ve merged the two, so no need to subscribe twice).

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I tried to record a podcast in the car on the way to work, but failed? I did it again this morning, and it was successful (though I’m going to have to try to find a way to minimize the road noise).

The show is kind of noisy, but in it, I talk about the Apple news from yesterday (the new iPods, iTV, iTunes 7), including some problems I’ve had with iTunes 7. It hasn’t been a smooth ride so far. I also talk briefly about being featured in the Wall Street Journal for the Intel-wide wiki I created (more on that soon).

I’ve had lots of comments and emails from people wondering when the podcast was going to return. So here it is! πŸ™‚ Brian’s not on this one, but I’m going to see what I can do about that in the future. I’m going to do these regularly, so any feedback is definitely appreciated. Thanks! πŸ™‚


Another anonymous Intel blog has popped up – Intel Perspective

Another anonymous “mini-microsoft”-style blog by an Intel employee has popped up in the blogosphere.

First we had the Unofficial Intel Blog by “Pentrino VI IV”, (who some people still insist is me writing under a pseudonym ;-)). Now, this morning, a little bird brought me word of the “Intel Perspective” blog by “Intel IT Guy”. From his first post:

My goal is write about working at Intel and other related maters. Or whatever happens to spill out that day. This blog will be primarily written for Intel employees, but anyone is welcome to read it. I’ll try to keeep the use of jargon and TLAs to a minium. This is not intended to be a forum for Intel bashing, revealing confidential information, or being (too) vengeful. My hope is to be informative and respectful, funny and enlightening. We’ll see about that.

I’m definitely subscribed – it’s fascinating to me to see the democratizing effect and power that anonymous public conversation can have on a topic. And I wonder how many people will come to the conclusion that I’m “Intel IT Guy”, too… πŸ™‚


iPod Software Version 1.2 just came down through iTunes 7

In my previous post, I lamented the fact that there wasn’t a software update beyond version 1.1 for my 5G 60GB iPod, so I could try the new games available via the iTunes store, and check out Search and the other UI changes announced today.

Lo and behold, a few minutes ago, I got a notification from iTunes that iPod Software version 1.2 was available, asking me if I wanted to download and install it (or just download only).

Of course, I did. My iPod rebooted a couple of times, et viola! πŸ™‚

My access to the iTunes store is flaky right now, so I haven’t tried out any of the games (I love Bejeweled and Tetris!). There are a couple of additions to the interface, though.

There’s now a Brightness adjustment under Settings. It defaults to the maximum setting, but you could probably gain some battery life by turning it down.

I can’t find the Search feature that Steve Jobs demonstrated anywhere. Is that going to be something that’s only available if you buy one of the new iPods? If so, what a rip off! πŸ™‚

Once nice addition, though, happens when you’re scrolling quickly through a long list (say, All Songs). A nice little box appears that lets you jump between each letter of the alphabet, to hop more directly to what you’re looking for. No more scrolling back and forth until you finally land on what you’re looking for. Windows Mobile/Pocket PC devices have always had this functionality in their Contacts application, and it’s definitely nice to have.

Still bummed about the lack of search in the new firmware, though. Am I missing something?


iTunes 7 New iPod Management Interface

Here’s a screegrab of the new iPod management interface in the newly released iTunes version 7.

The iPod Software Updater functionality has been moved in here, instead of being in a separate app. Too bad there’s wasn’t a firmware update available to give my 5G 60GB iPod the new search and UI features that were announced in the new iPods today.

Across the top, you can see tabs for each of the types of data you can manage on the iPod – note the new “Games” tab. Other than that, the functions that you can get to are pretty much the same thing as before, except now they’re much easier to get to, without having to dive into the Preferences menu.

I also really dig the color-coded free space gauge on the bottom. You can see that I have about 7GB of music, 3GB of video (mostly podcasts), 12GB of photos (I sync my digital photo library at home to my iPod for redundancy/backup), and 8GB of “Other”, which consists of files I’ve put on the iPod when used in disk mode.

Overall, very pretty, and slick. Thanks, Steve! πŸ™‚


Watching for Apple News – Live!

I’m following the Apple media event news, where they’re expected to announce all kinds of new gadgets that will make geeks like me weak in the knees and soft in the wallet.

I’m using, which is very cool because the page autorefreshes using javascript. I’ll probably also check the coverage from Engadget and TUAW, just because their writing is entertaining and they post tons of photos from the event.

Only a few more minutes – I wonder what it will be? This is worse that being a kid on Christmas Eve! πŸ™‚