Periodic Feed Purge – I’m down to around 600 feeds now

I’m a(n) somewhat obsessive feed reader. I fluctuate between usually 800 and 1400 subscribed RSS feeds, organized into folders in Bloglines by topic and priority (how interested I am in reading them).

But every once in a while, I have to clean house. Recently I’ve found that I just wasn’t getting to a lot of my lower priority folders full of topical feeds (like Second Life, Cars, etc.). Unread items piled up by the thousands, and when I did get to them, I just skimmed through them super fast, mostly to get them “out of the way”.

So I dropped them, and I’m now down to 600 or so feeds, which you can see in real time over in the sidebar in my Grazr-powered blogroll.

Sure, I might miss out on interesting things once in a while, but I’m going to rely on idea aggregators like Digg and TechMeme, plus the blogs I’m still subscribed to, to bring me the good stuff. It hurt to get rid of some of those feeds – I’ve been going back and forth about this in my head for a couple of weeks now. One of my worst (obsessive) fears is “what if I miss out on reading about something cool or important?” So maybe this is a sort of therapy for me, or something. 😉

I’ll resubscribe to anything that catches my interest again, and I’m always looking for new feeds (how do you think I got up to 1400 in the first place? ;-)).

If you’re interested, my pre-purge list of subscriptions is available as an OPML file, suitable for your favorite aggregator or application that speaks OPML, or you can have a browse in this Grazr, um, Grazr. 🙂

As always, my current feeds are available in my blogroll, over in the sidebar. This is a live reflection of what I’m subscribed to in Bloglines. It’ll start going up again, but I look at my feeds as an ever-evolving reading list of what’s interesting to me. And now I’m a little bit more free to let my interests go in a new direction, without the baggage of the past.


3 thoughts on “Periodic Feed Purge – I’m down to around 600 feeds now

  1. Yeah, I’m down to around 150 now. Anything over 300 was too much for me (and I’m a full-time blogger). I don’t know how some of you guys get any work done LOL

    Clearly you are a much better time manager than I am (tho, that’s not really saying alot…)

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