Posted lots of photos of Gabriel

Cute!, originally uploaded by JoshB.

I’ve gone through and uploaded 40+ photos of baby Gabriel from while we were at the hospital. They’re all available in the Gabriel Joshua Bancroft photo set on Flickr.

Feel free to browse through them, or view the set as a slideshow. All of the photos were uploaded as full resolution, so you can see bigger versions of any photo by clicking on it, and clicking the “full size” link. If you’re going to print any of them, make sure you get the biggest/original resolution image for best print quality.

We want to say thank you to all of the people who have left kind comments, and offered their support and assistance to us. We’re doing great, and we feel so blessed to have so many friends around us, wishing us well. So Thank You! 🙂

Lots more photos and updates to come!


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