Updated my Blogroll, now Supercharged by Grazr

I’ve been reading the last couple of days about how Grazr hit 1.0, and decided to check it out. It’s a really cool service that lets you create a little embeddable window/widget to display any feed or OPML file.

I decided to overhaul my Blogroll section over in the sidebar using Grazr, and I’m very pleased with the results. If you’re reading this in an aggregator, pop on over to the front page for a minute and check it out.

It’s well known that I use Bloglines as my aggregator. One reason I like it so much is that it’s web based, and provides a “live” browseable view and OPML export of my subscriptions that automatically get updated based on what I subscribe to.

I built the Grazr widget based on my Bloglines OPML export URL, so every time I subscribe to/unsubscribe from a feed, or change the folder structure, it will get updated in real time. I really like how you can click on the outline, and see the feeds in each folder, and even click on a feed to read the latest items. It’s almost like having a full blown OPML viewer embedded over there in my sidebar. Oh, wait. That’s exactly what it is. 🙂

I’m back up over 1000 subscribed feeds, and I’ve put a lot of work into organizing them into relevant folders and sorting by priority/interest, so I always see the stuff I don’t want to miss at the top of the list. Now you can easily look through those subscriptions, without ever leaving the site. It’s turned the traditional “dead” blogroll into a live browsable reading list. Plus it looks cool.

Anyway, thanks to the Grazr folks for providing such a cool tool. Give it a spin, kick the tires, and let me know what you think. Then go get one for your own blog! 🙂


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