Google Reader adds Feed Settings/Unsubscribe

I’m compiling what’s turning out to be a massive list of items comparing Bloglines, which I’ve used to read almost 1000 feeds for a couple of years, and Google Reader, which I’ve been using since the recent makeover it received. When its ready, I’ll post a very thorough review/comparison of the two.

In the mean time, one of the things that bugged me about Google Reader was the inability to unsubscribe from a feed without going to the Settings page, which takes forever to load and is not very responsive at all when you’ve got over 600 feeds.

Just this morning, I noticed a new “Feed Settings” button in Google Reader, and sure enough, you can now Unsubscribe from a feed while viewing it. I didn’t see anything mentioning this new feature on the Google Reader blog, but it’s a welcome addition.

Now, I just wish they’d give you the ability to edit the “tags” for a feed (not just an individual post) from the same interface. Then I wouldn’t have to go to the slow, nasty, huge Settings page hardly at all.


3 thoughts on “Google Reader adds Feed Settings/Unsubscribe

  1. Have you been able to unsubscribe from feeds reliably?

    I’ve been trying to unsubscribe from Robert Scoble’s shared items (too much noise to signal) and it never seems to take.

    A few other feeds have worked okay, but I unsubscribed from everything in a tag.

    Have you seen deleted tags come back from the dead yet?

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