Introducing, starting with the IT@Intel Blog

I’m happy to announce that has gone live. I wasn’t directly involved in the engineering/creation of this site, but I did work closely with the folks who put it together, offering suggestions and insight as a blogger. They did a great job of listening to my feedback, and putting up with me and the crazy things I insisted on. 🙂

The first blog that’s available is the IT@Intel blog, written by various managers in the IT organization at Intel. You can subscribe to the feed for the IT@Intel Blog in your favorite aggregator. (EDIT: Actually, I recommend subscribing to the Atom feed, instead of the RSS feed, as for some reason, the RSS feed is not full text. The Atom feed is.).

The site is powered by MoveableType Enterprise, which I’m not too familiar with, but it does offer RSS feeds (0.92 and 2.0 flavors, as well as Atom), and feed autodiscovery. Comments are allowed on posts, but they are moderated. There’s a linkblog of some other IT/CIO focused sites, too.

The content is obviously targeted at IT managers, but if you’re one of those, that’s not a bad thing. Hopefully, in the future, there will be more blogs to choose from at, including individual employee blogs (we have internal blogs, but it would be nice to let Intel employees have a voice outside the firewall, like Microsoft, Sun, Adobe, IBM, etc.). The first post is by Marty Menard, my boss’s boss’s boss in IT.

While not the first external blog (the Intel Software Network group gets that honor!), I’m still happy to see Intel take one more tip-toe step into the blogosphere.

Let me know if you have any feedback about the site, or suggestions for content or other improvements. I’ll get it to the right people. Thanks!

Update: Robert Scoble posted about the new Intel blogs, via Byron at Textura Design, who created the blog. There will probably be some good conversation in the comments.

Update 2: Shel Holtz has a post about, and Rohit Bhargava (who does some PR stuff for Intel) mentions it, too, as well as an intriguing post about Intel doing a Second Life event. Gotta go learn more about that one…


4 thoughts on “Introducing, starting with the IT@Intel Blog

  1. I enthusiastically recommended WordPress when they were talking about what platform to base the new blogs on, but the decision was made to go with MoveableType.

    I don’t know the reasons for that. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that Intel Capital recently invested around $12 million in Six Apart, the makers of MoveableType.

    So, while I would have loved to see use WordPress (and I’d love to see Intel Capital invest in WordPress!), as long as the result is good (which I think it is), then I’m happy. 🙂

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