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Video: Intel Software Network’s Aaron Tersteeg

Update: Some people reported that this video wasn’t compatible with their iPod. Sure enough, I don’t know what the exact problem was, but it wasn’t working on mine, either. I re-encoded the video out of iMovieHD, this time picking “iPod” as the target format. That should fix the problem – if you were experiencing that issue, you can re-download the video file. Sorry! 🙂

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This is a video interview I shot with Intel Software Network’s Aaron Tersteeg. Aaron is a great guy, and a true geek. He’s the Mobile Community Manager for Intel Software Network – basically, he works on building the community of developers that use the tools that Intel makes available for developing mobile-friendly applications (like the Laptop Gaming TDK, etc.) He also gets to play with some cool toys, and was even kind enough to hook me up with one to use for a week (I’ll be doing a podcast later this week to talk about what it is, and my week using it). Aaron was also one of the first public bloggers on – check out his blog on Intel Software Network.
The video was shot in his cube, and is about 13 minutes long (64 MB). It’s 320×240, Quicktime, so it’s iPod friendly. You can download it, watch it in your browser, or subscribe to the TinyScreenfuls feed in your favorite podcast aggregator, like iTunes, etc.

I hope to have lots more videos like this to share in the future, and I’m shamelessly following the Channel 9 style and philosophy, so if there’s something you want to see, just let me know! 🙂