Asus R2H Ultra Mobile PC Unboxing and Hardware Review, with 162 photos

This is going to be a long post – you’ve been warned. 🙂

As most of you know, I recently ordered two Asus R2H Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPC). I did a 34 minute video of the Unboxing Ceremony of the first one, which was very popular (it’s been viewed 1072 times so far). After that I dove into playing with and customizing the R2H, and because I’ve been busy with that, I’ve been kind of quiet here on the blog.

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I have a ton of stuff to post about the R2H – it’s an incredible device. There are several videos I want to do, including one documenting running Windows Vista RTM on it (what I’ve been busy with for the last few days). But here’s something I want to share now, to whet your appetites for more R2H info. 🙂

The second R2H I ordered is destined to be used by the sales staff of my brother’s company, Wright-Way Moving and Storage, in Seattle. Since I shot video of the first Unboxing Ceremony, I took photos of the second one, as well as literally every square inch of the hardware and accessories. By the time I was done, I had a photoset with 162 photos in it. Those thirsty for details on the R2H hardware and packaging, I think you’ll be satisfied.

You can view the whole photoset in this photo album on – created with the awesome Flickr Photo Album WordPress plugin. Here are some highlights of the Unboxing and handsome hardware of (in my opinion) the best Ultra Mobile PC currently on the market. Remember, there are 162 photos in total, these are only some highlights:


The R2Hs arrived extremely well packaged from the folks at (affiliate link). They were so impressed with the video unboxing I did that they restarted their affiliate program just for me. I don’t even know what the terms of the affiliate program are, but I’m super impressed with ProPortable (including Justin, the CEO, and Sean in Sales), and if you need any Asus laptop hardware or accessories, check them out, and tell them Josh from TinyScreenfuls sent you. 🙂

The two R2Hs, in their boxes, stacked. So much mobile gadgety goodness in one place! 🙂

Opening the box, with the Quick Installation Guide. Detailed shots of each page of the Quick Installation Guide are available in the full photoset.

The two interior boxes – the larger white one contains the accessories, CDs/DVDs, and manuals. The smaller grey box holds the R2H itself.

The accessory box, hinged open like the older Apple iPod packaging (3G, at least).

Cables and battery on the left, CDs, manual, mouse, and AC adapter on the right.

The accessories that come with the Asus R2H UMPC – AC adapter, double-capacity 4 cell battery, stand, multi-port to VGA cable, USB mini-A to USB adapter, EasySync cable with transfer software, Asus-branded Logitech USB optical mouse with cord storage.

The AC adapter, which outputs a somewhat unusual 12 volts, 3 amps. The connector appears to be standard to Asus laptops, so you shouldn’t have too hard a time finding an adapter tip for a 3rd party charging solution.

The included stand, which folds (mostly) flat. Not too rugged, but it does the job.

The stand, folded.

The Asus-branded Logitech USB optical mouse with wrapping cord storage.

The proprietary “multi-port” to VGA adapter cable, for connecting to an external monitor or projector. The “multi-port” connector on the R2H is also used for the PortBar docking station accessory, shown in the manual (photos later in the set), and slated to be available in December 2006.

The USB 2.0 “EasySync” cable. This is an interesting little cable – the “fat” end contains 470KB of read-only Flash memory, which auto-runs a Windows program called EasySync. When plugged into two computers, EasySync lets you copy/move files between the two computers at USB 2.0 speed – 480 Mbps. A nice, convenient way to get files on to or off of the R2H. The software works in Windows XP as well as Vista (probably doen’t work on a Mac, but I haven’t tested that yet).

It’s pre-installed, but it’s nice to have the install CDs for Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006. It would have been nice to have the 2007 version, which is supposed to have a much-improved interface for mobile devices like the UMPC, but it’s understandable that they couldn’t get that one in time.

The driver and utility CD. All the drivers and software are also available, for the most part, on the Asus website.

The Asus recovery DVD, with Windows XP Tablet PC 2005 Edition. Not a full installer, but nice to have the ability to recover from separate media, rather than


88 thoughts on “Asus R2H Ultra Mobile PC Unboxing and Hardware Review, with 162 photos

  1. shaun says:


    Really liked it, Just would like to ask , is there a pocket USB keyboard for the R2H ? If yes, does asus provide any posket USB keyboard ? or can we order it from somewhere else.

    Thank you

  2. @ shaun – Any USB keyboard will work – there are some nice ones from ThinkOutside, Samsung, etc. Or you could buy the one that comes with the Asus overseas – I think might have it, or know where to find it.

    Good luck!

  3. John VanderPutten says:

    I found the GPS to work well in Australia. Only real downside is that the wireless is fairly weak – I have tried both XP and Vista.

  4. Nuno says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m from Portugal, i’m thinking to buy this machine!!

    Although i’d like to know if there will be very soon any R2H windows Vista in it? When?


  5. I don’t think it’s available with Vista pre-loaded, but if you buy one, you get a free upgrade to Vista, and Asus just released Vista drivers about a week ago. I’ve been running Vista on mine for months, and with the exception of the camera, everything works just fine.

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  9. Chris says:

    Hi All
    I am due to receive my R2H in a few days and am looking forward to using it. Mine is said to come with a TV tuner built in. I will let you know how I get on.

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  12. MarkNZ says:

    Hey, just wondering if anyone realises that the included cary case folds out into a stand for your umpc. Unzip the case and pull the hard black bit out to the top inside. The 2 little velcro bits should hold it there. Sit ur umpc on it and the nylon patch should line up with back of ur umpc. Woohoo….. 🙂
    My R2H didnt come with a stand so this is very handy.

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  15. Bruce says:

    Looking to buy the Asus in the next few days. I’m out in Taipei Taiwan and I believe the Asus’s all come with the usb keyboard. I was told it was vista upgradable here but it would cost about $60 dollars US. I was told part of the reason it’s so slow is because of Norton and other preloaded software that comes with it. Most likely I’ll be upgrading the memory to 1.256Gig. Could anyone shed some light on how the web camera performs say on SKYPE or MSN, is the video quality smooth, and voice and motion in sync? Didn’t hear any mention of a tv tuner or a usb tv tuner but am very intersted in how it performs if anyone here has that option. The GPS isn’t as big of a concern to me but it’s nice to have. The units in Taiwan I was told come loaded with maps of Taiwan and HK. I am concerned however with the dropped or weak wireless. Any fixes for that issue and is this a view shared by everyone? Thanks in advance guys.


  16. todd says:

    Can you tell me if this will connect to a 42″ HIGH DEF VGA monitor?

    How would you UP GRADE the RAM?

    Does this come with pretty much everything you need to get started? What elese can be bought as accessories?

    Will this let me run my HOME computer using GO TO MY PC prgram?
    BTW, Great job on explaining this product. Believe me, I wouldn’t have even consider buying it, had it not been for your review.

  17. Lee says:

    I just got my R2h and I can’t get the tablet/pen to calibrate correctly. It is always a little ways (like 1/2″) off one direction or another. Any suggestions or experienced fixes?

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  21. Vitor Contador says:

    Hi ppl!!! I’m going to buy one R2H! my affraid int’s if I have some hardware problem with it…such as the Motherboard… Asus can change it for a reasoneble price?
    That´s the question my friends

    Vitor from Funchal-Madeira-Portugal

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  36. joshua says:

    there is another vista wireless driver. I found it on some other discussion forum. When I installed it my signal strength in vista improved greatly. just do a list more searching. you will find it. Sony I do not remember the link.

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