Newer Asus R2H shipments come with built-in stand?

I’ve seen this several places now, and have been meaning to mention it:

Just got home and cracked open the box [on my R2H]. It’s the US version (being from the US and all) and I was surprised to see the battery had the stand built in. From what I’ve read, the US version came with that chessy plastic stand. It is the bigger 6860 battery too.

Justin or Sean over at (affiliate link), do you guys have any info on this? I’m not surprised that the package contents change slightly over different shipments, but I’d really like to have the stand integrated into the back of my 4-cell battery on my R2H. 🙂

You can see from my 162-photo R2H Unboxing gallery and half hour R2H Unboxing video that both R2H units I received have no integrated stand, and come with the separate plastic stand.

Anyone have a concrete explanation for this? What’s a geek gotta do to get a battery with the integrated stand? 😉


9 thoughts on “Newer Asus R2H shipments come with built-in stand?

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  2. Blowfish says:

    Have you gotten any confirmation on this yet by Will they have the hi-cap battery with integrated stand as an available accessory for purchase? No new info on their site about his integrated stand.

  3. Croft says:

    I’m looking at the R2H myself at the moment and it seems there are several variants on the package. I’ve been trying in vain to figure out what the manufacturers part numbers stand for, but so far haven’t found that. Still, stands to reason with several parts “optional” when looking at the tech specs that it will differ in some ways. I’d just hate to order one and wind up with something that lacks a network port or the bluetooth.

  4. Blowfish says: now has the extended battery with integrated stand available on their site (in stock as of this posting) for $149.00.

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  6. g4dgetm4n says:

    I have just received an Asus R2H from a UK supplier ( and my unit shipped with two batteries – a slimline one and the extended battery. Both batteries have an integral stand.

  7. L0g1cmaster says:


    My asus received in January had Street and Trips 2006 installed but the 2007 version CD was in the box. Yeah!

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