Thank you Google Reader…

… for not showing me how many unread items are in my aggregator right now. I’m behind on reading feeds, like I’m behind on just about everything right now. Blogging, email, work around the house, work at work, determining my future at Intel (shh!), and a whole lot of other things. That’s why I’m sitting in my office at midnight, can’t sleep, cleaning out feeds that I haven’t checked since before the Thanksgiving break.

Mind you, I’ve been reading whatever is the latest in the “all feeds” river of news view, so I’ve kept up on what’s going on, for the most part. And there are some items I’m saving for later, that I know I’ll want to read (my “short list” feeds). But for the most part, it’s been liberating to know I can get way behind on reading feeds, and pretty much just mark them all as read and start fresh. It makes me question how much value I get out of reading over 600 feeds. I wonder how few feeds I could “get by” with, but I just can’t bring myself to find out. I’m obsessive/compulsive about it, or something.

But at least Google Reader doesn’t tell me how many thousands of unread items I have right now (like Bloglines did). Just a sympathetic little “100+” that says, “Hey, I know  you’re busy. I’ll hold on to this stuff until you get around to it. Don’t worry.”

So, thanks, Google Reader! πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Thank you Google Reader…

  1. No, nothing like that. πŸ™‚ My mortgage company would be very unhappy with me if I did that, not to mention the fact that my wife and kids have developed a habit of eating several times a day, which I support. πŸ™‚

    I’m talking more about finding my place inside of Intel, and finding the right home for the new types of work that I’m doing (podcasting, wikis, blogging, etc.). Everyone seems to agree that this is important and valuable to Intel, but no one knows where it belongs, or what exactly to do with me… πŸ˜‰

    Don’t worry – I don’t plan to leave Intel any time soon! At least, as long as they will have me! πŸ™‚

  2. I still prefer Bloglines and Bloglines Mobile over the Google Reader interface, but I think Google is getting better very quickly, and is likely to eventually replace Bloglines as my feed reader of choice. I have a lot of saved (“clipped”) posts in Bloglines, however, which are going to take a long time to go through should I decide to move to Google.

    The mobile experience is the major limiting factor right now. For the most part, the desktop versions of Google Reader and Bloglines are fairly comparable to each other, but the mobile interface for Bloglines just feels far more polished and comfortable to use, in my opinion. Until Google improves that, I’ll be staying with Bloglines for certain.

  3. Karen Bowman says:

    Hi Josh and friends! I am intrigued by what you are doing due to the fact that everyday I am overwhelmed by information! But, as incredible as it may seem, I can’t seem to get the information I need; unless I can find the right PERSON to talk to…. I want and NEED to stay up on trends in the technology industry. Any suggestions on the best info spots and best info delivery methods? I know all of you must recieve and distill an incredible amount of information ….and I am sure you have an abundance of spare time to spend on it.. NOT! ; )

  4. Dave,

    I felt the same way about Google Reader mobile until I discovered the “tags” view (just a little link at the bottom of the page). It basically made GReader Mobile function like I was used to Bloglines Mobile doing, and that made a big difference for me.

    Anyway, not trying to sway you one way or the other. Just wanted to share something useful and less than obvious that was helpful to me. πŸ™‚

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