Disclosure – who pays my bills

It seems like everyone is doing disclosure posts in the last few days. People are disclosing (or not) that they received a free AMD-based *cough* Ferrari laptop with Windows Vista from Microsoft’s ad agency, Edelman. Scoble is taking a trip to be the blogger on the wall for John Edwards’ campaign. PayPerPost is in the news again, this time as the Federal Trade Commission says “thou shalt disclose”.

So, in case any of you wondered who my sugar daddies are, you’re bound to be disappointed. No juicy conflicts of interest here. But here’s where my money comes from:

I am an employee of Intel, in the IT department. They pay me a salary, I do them a job. I use that to pay my mortgage, car payment, and other bills. I don’t get “paid to blog”, but they kindly allow me to write about Intel stuff on my blog, as long as I follow the rules.

There are Google ads on this blog. I started them as an experiment, and decided to keep them around. The Google AdSense ToS prohibits me from saying how much I make, or any specifics about impressions, CPM, etc., but I think it’s safe to say that I’m NOT getting rich off of AdSense. It makes no more than a few bucks a day – and that goes toward paying for hosting, domain names, and an occasional gadget. I actually keep a separate checking account from our “family” checking account, and anything I buy that’s not necessary for the family comes out of that.

So now you know all of my financial secrets. Try not to get too excited. But do know that I will always disclose my interests, so, like Scoble says, you know where my biases and opinions are coming from.

Now, hows about someone from Edelman sending me one of those Vista laptops? Make mine something with Core 2 Duo, though, so it gets a Vista Performance Rating higher than 2.8. 😉


4 thoughts on “Disclosure – who pays my bills

  1. Josh,

    Actually Google does allow disclosure of gross earnings. This from the Terms and Conditions:

    “However, You may accurately disclose the amount of Google’s gross payments to You pursuant to the Program.”

    So you can feel free to quantify what is meant by “a few bucks a day”… if it makes any difference.

  2. I was just coming in here to tell you the same thing that Jack did. At one point in the past Google did forbid us from disclosing the amount of money paid out, but they changed their TOS over a year ago to allow it.

    So post away! 🙂

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