Gmail Ink and Tablet PC Support

I really wish Gmail had support for ink, like on a Tablet PC or UMPC. I love it to death, but it’s a complete pain to write email without a keyboard. Even support for embedding images into messages would be a workable solution – write up a message in OneNote or something, then copy and paste it into Gmail.

I could use Outlook or some other ink-enabled POP mail client, but I already access my Gmail via POP on my Pocket PC phone, and when I use Outlook to do it from another computer, it screws up the read state of all my messages (basically, they all disappear from my phone).

So, how about it tabletsphere? Can someone code up a Firefox extension, or Greasemonkey script, or some kind of web hack that will let us ink messages in Gmail? I’d give, um, a lot of thanks (and maybe a doodad or two) to anyone that comes up with a solution.

Anyone from Google listening?

Update: Thanks to commenters for pointing out Geckotip, a must-have scope guessing Firefox extension that makes using the Tablet PC TIP (Tablet Input Panel) much easier, as well as Loren Heiny’s workaround using linked embedded images (basically, ink your image, save it, upload it somewhere, and embed the external image in your Gmail message). Both are ways to make using Gmail on a Tablet PC easier, but I’m looking for something quicker and even more easy. Call me lazy, but I’m dreaming of native ink support in Gmail messages, or an extension or something that enables me to work like that.


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  3. Nope. What I’m looking for is not using the TIP at all – I want to bypass the TIP, and ink directly into the message field, like I can in Outlook.

    Still a good “tip” for Tablet users, though.

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