ProPortable getting a shipment of Asus R2H UMPCs – order now if you want one

Just got a note from Justin at (affiliate link) that they’re getting a shipment of Asus R2H Ultra Mobile PCs in soon:

We’re getting a big shipment of R2’s in here on Monday.  Our current backorders come to maybe 20-25 units because people have simply been waiting for them to get back into stock.  I figured I’d give you a chance to tell people more are coming in and if they got orders in by the weekend, they’ll get one from this next shipment.  Otherwise, they typically don’t last long from the minute we put them back in stock.

These always go very quickly, so if you have been wanting one of these, get your order in soon. I can’t recommend the folks at ProPortable highly enough – they’ve been awesome in every way.

Good luck! 🙂

Update from Justin:

ProPortable got 75 R2H units in, and have about 45 of them left after filling pre-orders. They’re available to order now, and Justin expects them to last about a week. This will be the last shipment of the R2H they get until mid-January, so act now if you want to get your hands on one.