The Past Tense of “Sync”

I know in my rational mind that it’s “synced”, but half the time, I end up saying “sunc”. As in sink/sunk. Anyone else’s brain cross-wired like that? 🙂

Headed out to spend the New Years weekend with my in laws in Eugene, OR. Hope everyone stays safe and happy!


5 thoughts on “The Past Tense of “Sync”

  1. Believe it or not, one of my co-workers googled and showed me this site, after I had said ‘sunc’d’ over the phone (I do tech support). So yes, there are other people out there who are just as ‘cross-wired’ as you are 😛

  2. Things would have been much easier if people were using the correct verb: to synchronize. Then the past tense would be: synchornized. I wonder if the “verb” “to sync” even exist in the Oxford dictionary.

  3. Joe Matango says:

    Like Andrew, I’m in tech support. Not only have I often heard ‘sync’-‘sank’-‘sunk’ for the truncated form of the verb ‘synchronize,’ but also ‘troubleshot’ as the unlikely, but entirely correct to my mind, past tense of ‘troubleshoot!’ Guy Deutcher, author of _The_Unfolding_of_Language_ wouldn’t bat an eye at this borrowing of tense forms from similar verbs. According to him, this is how it’s done — always has been. Cheers!

  4. Dick Dennis says:

    To say, “They synced their words together,” is absolutely ridiculous. Ditto for sunc or anthing like that. I agree with Pat. It is a shortened version of synchronized. So, use the whole word. This word may be a candidate for modification, like, synched, or like the treatment of picnic (picnicked) might be in order. Syncked? Synked? Nah. But not synced either. I’ll stick with synchronized.

  5. Dvl2 says:

    HAHAHAHA, we are sitting here in Buffalo, NY talking about the different ways to say the way we sink out IPhones/Ipods/ your debate returned first on google search entitled “past tense of sync phone”.. Keep it living Derek Leibfried, Undergraduate in B.A Communications University at Buffalo. HOLLA

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