Why did I pick the Asus R2H UMPC over the TabletKiosk eo 7210 or another model?

I’m trying to catch up on my backlog of questions about the Asus R2H Ultra Mobile PC that I’ve received via email and comments. So here’s the first one. James asked:

One question I did have is did you look at the TabletKiosk machines, specifically the eo 7210? Apart from the GPS functionality it seems to have every feature you were looking for, or may be I missed something?
I’m really interested why you chose the R2H. I’m thinking about getting a UMPC so I don’t have to lug my laptop about anymore, but am quite nervous about which one to choose. The eo 7210 appeals because it has a dock, so it looks like it could be very useful for both mobile and office work. Have you any  experience in using the asus this way?

Well, James, I mostly compared the Asus R2H to the only other UMPC I’ve had direct experience with, the Samsung Q1. Compared to the Samsung, the R2H has more RAM, a bigger hard drive, GPS, an integrated camera, and an SD slot (instead of CF). At the same price, and most everything else being equal, those were the factors that made me chose the Asus. That, and the fact that my friend Brian, who has been into UMPCs a lot longer than I have, and has owned a Samsung Q1 for a few months, said that he would have chosen the R2H if it had been available when he bought his Q1. He just couldn’t wait. 🙂 We talk about this a little bit in our podcast reviewing the week I spent with a Samsung Q1.

Because of all that, I honestly didn’t do much research on the TabletKiosk eo 7210. I guess, if you get right down to it, it might have been because it was a brand I had never heard of, versus Asus, which I’ve had experience with. But I don’t have any negative reason why I stayed away from the 7210 – it seems like a very popular device with the UMPC community and around the blogosphere. And TabletKiosk seems to be doing a better job of getting involved with the UMPC community than any other manufacturer. It looks like a fantastic device, and I probably should have given it more consideration.

If TabletKiosk (or any of their resellers) wants to send me a review unit, I’d happily do a comparison/review of it with the R2H (and probably get Brian to pitch in some thoughts comparing it to his Samsung Q1). 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why did I pick the Asus R2H UMPC over the TabletKiosk eo 7210 or another model?

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  2. Karl says:

    Hi, I’m looking at UMPCs and one difference I noticed between the R2H and the TabletKiosk is that only the eo TufTab v7112XT has a built-in ethernet port.

    If you are shopping for an UMPC for the purpose of network diagnosis (a la wireshark) that will be a factor.

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