Another New Google Reader (Mobile) Feature

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On the same day as the release of Trends for Google Reader, I noticed another new feature, this time in Google Reader Mobile – “Mark These Items as Read“.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it does make mobile reading more useful. For instance, I have lots of feeds that I “skim” through, only picking out one or two posts to read fully. Before, in Google Reader Mobile, I could only mark those items as “read” by clicking on and loading each one of them, then clicking on to the next one. Now, I can mark items “read” nine at a time, without reading each one. Nice.

It’s also very useful for the RSS feed I get from Twitter, that shows what my friends have posted – those are short enough that the entire item fits in the title, so there’s no reason to click on the full post, other than to (until now) mark it read. Now I can read my Twitter feed and others much more effectively.

I’m trying to turn myself into a Getting Things Done ninja, learning to quickly process items, and get things out of my head an into a system where I can deal with them. It’s been great so far, and I’m still noodling over how to apply the GTD methodology to the system I already have for reading feeds in Google Reader. This is just one more little trick/hack that’s going to make me more effective. Yay! 🙂