At the Intel IT Innovation Center in Folsom

My meetings in Folsom start tonight, so I after grabbing some lunch at In n Out and picking up some MiniDV tapes (I ran out!), I’m hanging out/working in the IT Innovation Center in the FM7 building.

This is a really cool place, full of great displays, demos, and toys. Last time I was here, I forgot to bring my video camera (I had no idea what I’d be seeing). This time, though, I came prepared, and I’m going to try to get a quick video tour/demo of some of the cool stuff here.

Hardware highlights so far: several UMPCs – Samsung Q1s and TabletKiosk eo7210 units. I’ve never actually used the TabletKiosk unit before. It feels really small. Very thin and light, though it doesn’t have the double capacity battery. Makes my Asus R2H feel like a brick. 🙂 A couple of Apple 30″ Cinema Displays, a high end Canon camcorder, a Neuros MPEG4 recorder, and lots of other cool stuff.

I’m going to wrap up now and find my hotel. Look for more updates, and some photos and video if I’m lucky, soon! 🙂


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