Google Reader Trends – Tons of Data on What You Read

Google Reader Trends, originally uploaded by Josh Bancroft.

This is a really, really cool tool! 🙂

In a recent blog post on the Google Reader blog, Googler Mihai Parparita introduces the latest feature to Google Reader (which I’ve been using as my main RSS reader for months now) – Trends.

You can see which of your feeds update most often, or least often (with a handy “unsubscribe” icon next to each one for cleaning out stale feeds). There’s a graph of your reading activity over the last month, or by hour, or by day (see when you spend the most time reading feeds). And there’s a tagcloud that shows which of your tags/folders has the most activity. (Click the image above to see the screenshot full size and more readable.)

Bloglines doesn’t offer anything near this cool – a feature gap that creates an opportunity for them to try to win back old fans like me. I still love you guys – let’s see what you’ve got!

i’m going to dig in now, and see what interesting data I can glean from this. Here is a summary of my last 30 days of reading:

From your 592 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 24,718 items, starred 48 items, and shared 0 items.

I can also already see very clearly that I read way too many feeds late at night. 😉

If you use Google Reader, there should be a link to the new Trends feature on your “Home” page, or you can just click this link. If you don’t use Google Reader, why the heck not? 😉

Thanks Google Reader Team!


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