Intel NOT to supply the CPU for Apple’s iPhone (Confirmed)

Update 2: According to Bill, my contact in Intel PR, Intel will NOT be supplying the CPU for the Apple iPhone, but the Flash memory (the 4GB/8GB of storage) will be from Intel. Thanks for clearing that up, Bill!

I have no additional information on this (I work for Intel), but Reuters is reporting that the CPU in the Apple iPhone will be supplied by Intel.

This makes sense, if the iPhone really does run OS X. Any other CPU architecture (ARM, etc.) would require the OS to be ported, just like the PowerPC to Intel switch on Macs.

So the next question is, what Intel CPU is going to be in the iPhone? It won’t be XScale, since Intel sold that division off to Marvell, and it’s a different architecture. It’s going to have to be x86-based, very small, and have very low power requirements and heat dissipation. Perhaps a new Ultra Low Voltage Core Solo?

I believe the Flash memory (the 4GB and 8GB of storage) is also supplied by Intel.

Maybe Intel will buy us all one when they launch in June? 🙂

Update: Now I stumble across another Reuters article that says Intel will NOT be providing the CPU for the iPhone. I need to talk to Bill Kircos, my contact in Intel PR (they misspelled his name in that article) to see what the real deal is here…


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