iPhone video demo – 4.5 minutes 1 on 1 with Phil Schiller

CBS News scored a few minutes one on one with Apple’s Phil Schiller, in which he demonstrates the iPhone in person:

Thanks to Jason for pointing me to the video on YouTube this morning. You should definitely watch if you’re interested in the iPhone – and who isn’t 😉

My wife has admitted that she wants one, so we’ll probably get two of them when they come out in June. She actually called it “sexy” when I showed her the photos on the Apple site, which is a big thing for her. She couldn’t care less about gadgets, but is into design big time (that’s what her degree is in). I can’t wait to show her this video, and see what she has to say.


One thought on “iPhone video demo – 4.5 minutes 1 on 1 with Phil Schiller

  1. My biggest question is this: when typing an sms, is I turn it to landscape mode, the qwerty virtual keyboard will be more “spreaded”? I like to type with my thumbs, not my index finger. Typing with the index (like Steve did in his keynote) seems very slow..

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