New “click to expand” to read RSS items right in Google Personalized Home

I just noticed something on my Google Personalized Home page (that link will go to yours, if you have one and are signed in to your Google Account): little “plus/click to expand” buttons next to the items in the RSS feeds:

Now you can read a feed item in an smooth AJAX-y fashion right on the Personalized Home page, without having to click away to the originating site. Cool – thanks, Google engineers! 🙂

For reference, I have the RSS feeds for Digg and Techmeme on my Google Personalized Home, so I can always see what’s new on them when I first open my browser.

Update: Steve Rubel and I always seem to recognize and post about things like this in the same instant. 🙂 I don’t know or really care which one of us was first with this, so go check out his post, too.