SmartSetr for Flickr – awesome mashup from Eric Appel

Update: Eric has a blog post up now with some more details on SmartSetr. Since he “launched” on Twitter, the news got out before he even had a post up about it. 😉

Update 2: Eric just twittered that the story made it to the front page of Digg – that should bring him some traffic!

Eric Appel is a friend of mine, and has created an excellent tool for Flickr called SmartSetr – it lets you create dynamic sets from your photos based on criteria you select, like tag, text, time taken, etc. It’s a great improvement over the “manually add photos to a set” behavior of basic Flickr sets.

You can check out a SmartSet I made called “TinyScreenfuls“, which contains all of the photos I’ve tagged with “tinyscreenfuls”, sorted by Interestingness (so the most interesting are at the top).

Thomas Hawk, one of the most prolific and talented photographers I know, and head evangelist for Flickr competitor Zooomr, learned about SmartSetr on Twitter (Eric emailed me about it a few days ago, before “announcing” it on the web). Thomas seems to be very impressed, as am I. He posted it to Digg, so go Digg it if you like it.

Make sure you check it out if you use Flickr. There’s also a SmartSetr Flickr group Eric created for support and feedback. Way to go, Eric, for making an awesome, useful tool, and bonus geek points for the first product announcement I’ve seen on Twitter. 🙂