The iPhone CPU appears to be from Samsung

There was a lot of speculation and confusion today about who is providing the CPU for the Apple iPhone – first it was Intel, then it wasn’t. No one really seems to know.

This article over at the EETimes claims that it’s going to be a Samsung processor, and has some details about what other companies got “design wins” to have hardware in the iPhone. For example, Intel will be providing the Flash memory, Marvell will provide the 802.11b/g chipset, etc.

This jives with what I heard from Intel PR and other sources, who said the CPU was a custom design from another vendor (I got the OK to share that).

Along with a lot of other people, I’m still itching to learn what architecture the CPU is going to be, and how it’s going to run a modified/embedded/slimmed down version of OS X.

I expect details like this to leak out in dribs and drabs until June. Oh well – gives gadget geeks like me something to talk about until then. This blog is named “TinyScreenfuls”, after all – where do you think that name came from? 😉