Yay! Upgrade to WordPress 2.1 went perfectly!

I’m writing this in the schmancy new post editor interface in WordPress 2.1, which was released today. The upgrade went smoothly – just remember to back up your site files and database before you try it! Knowing I could fall back if something went wrong was important, because I’ve been dumb, and burned by that before. Oh, and when you’re reactivating your plugins, activate Sidebar Widgets first, since a lot of other plugins depend on it, and if you activate one of them first, you’ll get an error, and have to rename/delete the offending plugin file to get back into your WP-Admin interface.

I’m really digging the new visual editor, and the fact that I can flip back and forth between “visual” and “code” (HTML) views with tabs. I used the “visual” mode most of the time in WP 2.0.x, but occasionally I wanted to edit in HTML, and now it’s much easier to switch.

I haven’t played with the new uploader/file manager – I’m off to find that after I post this. If you’re running your own WordPress hosted blog (e.g., not on, and you’re feeling adventurous (just used the new spell checker to fix that word!), go get WP 2.1 and follow the upgrade instructions. If you need to know why you should care, check out the release notes, and “10 Things You Should Know About WordPress 2.1“.

It’s fun, I promise! 🙂


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