GrandCentral knows how to make customer evangelists. Do you?

I wrote a post yesterday about my new cell phone, and a new service I’m trying out with it – (go read that post for all the details, and expect me to be talking more about it).

This morning, I got an email from Craig Walker, CEO of Grand Central, commenting on my post, giving me some contact information for feedback or suggestions, and basically just reaching out and saying “hi”.

THAT is how you make customer evangelists. Kathy Sierra had a great post about this the other day over at Creating Passionate Users (a must read blog – you are subscribed, right?). I am now a passionate user evangelist for the Grand Central service, even with its faults. Do you know how to make people passionate evangelists for your product or service? This is one great way to do it.

Here’s my email reply to Craig (I’m not posting his email because I don’t have permission to do so).

Wow, a personal email from the CEO! ๐Ÿ™‚

That tells me a few things about your company that make me happy.

1. You know how to listen to what the blogosphere is saying about you, and you’re doing it
2. You care enough to make a personal contact, rather than a form letter or something.

I’m quite happy with GrandCentral so far, and now that I feel like I have a “relationship” with you guys, I’m sure it can only get better. And of course, I’ll be telling lots of people about how great the service is. ๐Ÿ™‚

I do have a couple of issues so far. One is probably easy to address, and would add a ton of value. The other might be harder, but would still be great.

First, I need GrandCentral to send me attached audio files when I get a voicemail, rather than just a notice that I have voicemail. MP3 would be preferred, but WAV would be fine, too. The reason is, when I’m on my Windows Mobile phone, and get email that says I have to go to the GC site to hear my voicemail. Except the GC site doesn’t work in Pocket IE (no Flash, probably not enough AJAX support). This is how my Vonage at home does it, and I LOVE it. So, pretty please, can we have, at least as an option (or maybe a paid Premium service – I’d pay for this) the ability to send voicemails as attached audio files?

The second issue is more of question – is there any way to have my GC number show on the Caller ID when I make outgoing calls to someone? I know that’s probably tricky, and might not even be legal (to spoof someone’s Caller ID), but I know a lot of people, including myself, who keep track of people’s phone numbers based on what shows up on Caller ID. This is how most smartphones and cell phones know the name of the person who is calling, since they only get the number, not a full name like a landline. This would really let me have only one number for people to use to contact me.

I’ll be blogging more of my experience with GC as I use it more, so stay subscribed! ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “GrandCentral knows how to make customer evangelists. Do you?

  1. Josh,

    As you become more and more visible and have a wider and wider voice you will find that companies will bend over backwards to please you and the service you receive may become entirely removed from what the average person experiences. This is the reason some restaurant critics work incognito so as to get an accurate picture of the restaurant, unskewed by a couple free bottles of wine or the chef coming out to meet you.

    Some influential people end up with a warped perspective when they don’t recognize that the special behavior is targetted at them alone.

    I’m not saying it is true in this case, but as you continue on the path as an ambassador you have to be looking a couple streets over from the road your motorcade is being escorted down.

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