Here’s my “Geek of Geeks” story on the Oregonian’s site

I checked this morning, and the “Geek of Geeks” feature story that Steve Woodward wrote about me is now online on the The Oregonian’s site. Go have a read! Here’s a snippet:

In a metropolitan area brimming with tens of thousands of software engineers, hardware designers, Web designers, systems administrators and diehard Internet users, even Josh Bancroft stands out as a geek’s geek…

Bancroft, in a sense, is a visitor from our near future — a world in which everyone everywhere is connected here and now. Time and place are no longer barriers. Technology connects, not separates, us.

There’s a lot that was in the paper article that’s not on the site, including a few sidebar items. I’ll take some photos of the dead tree version of the story and get them posted soon, so you can see the whole effect. It’s a center fold two full page story in the middle of “The O” section of this Sunday’s paper (2/25/07). Go pick up the paper, and I’ll autograph your copy next time I see you. 🙂

Thanks to everyone for the kind words about the article – it’s been extremely fun, and I have a feeling it’s just starting. And special thanks to Steve Woodward at The Oregonian for doing a great job writing the article.

Now I’m off to find some dark shades so I can avoid the paparazzi when I go out in public, now that I’m a celebrity. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Here’s my “Geek of Geeks” story on the Oregonian’s site

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  3. Tony Phipps says:

    Hey Josh, I read your article this morning with my coffee. Very nice to see you getting noticed and getting the ISN out there.

  4. well I hardly every buy the Oregonian – but I bought today’s to see your article.

    congrats – it’s good to see a friend of mine – and fellow geek get some good press.


  5. Mike says:

    Nice article. I prefer the dead tree version with photos and all. I especially like their comment on you “introducing people to the future,” it’s a perfect description of your evangelism.

    I think they ought to do a quarterly follow-up just to keep everyone up to date on changes in social media. Very few people reading newspapers subscribe/read to blogs yet, or even share photos electronically, and this is a way to open the doors for folks (mostly older folks, I’ll admit).

    Anyway, good for you, a well-deserved notice and something that should be passed on to your managers as an example of positive PR for Intel.

  6. Josh, this is so very cool. I finally got around to reading the Sunday paper this morning, and when I opened the “O” section, your face leaped out at me.

    Sounds like your new job is “the cat’s pajamas,” as my grandmother used to say (I’m not really sure what that means, though). I’m very happy for you.

    And yes, I blogged about it, at

    I haven’t forgotten everything you taught me.

    Blessings on you and Rachel (who apparently shares my love of the printed-on-paper word) and Emma and Gabriel. I miss you.

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