Hey Dave, what happened to (Updated – it’s just me)

Hey Dave Winer, what’s up with Yomoblog? It’s been dead to me (sits at a blank page, trying to load) for months now, from multiple computers, and multiple mobile devices. Any chance of you resurrecting it? It might be getting some media attention soon, though I can’t say from where. 😉

Thanks! It’s a very handy tool, and I miss it!

Update: Emailed Dave, and apparently this isn’t a system-wide problem – it’s only happening to me. He’s traveling, and might not get to it soon, but good to know that it’s not down for everyone. Thanks for the prompt reply, Dave! 🙂

Background: Last year, Dave Winer got interested in reading and writing blogs from mobile devices after he got a Blackberry. He created and launched a mobile blogging tool called It was basically a mobile-friendly simple web page that uses the MetaWeblog API to let you write and edit blog posts from your device.

I used the service semi-regularly, including the much-ballyhoo’ed liveblogging the birth of our second child. But it’s been down/dead for a long time. Hope it comes back soon, because I want to keep using it!