I have a new cell phone number, and a new phone

I got a new phone today, a Cingular 8525 (tons of unboxing photos and impressions to come soon!). I had to get a GSM phone, because I have no CDMA coverage (Sprint or Verizon) at my new desk location. So my phone is pretty much useless when I’m at work, and that sucks. T-Mobile was out of the question, because I use wireless data more than voice, and T-Mobile’s data speeds are still stuck in the EDGE dark ages. That left Cingular, with speedy 3G UMTS/HSDPA, cool phones, and coverage at Intel’s Jones Farm campus.

I picked the Cingular 8525, a Windows Mobile/Pocket PC phone (a.k.a. the HTC Hermes/TyTN). It’s got WiFi, a 2MP camera, side slide out keyboard with large keys, and of course, the speedy HSDPA data service. I really love it so far, though I have already dropped it on the hard wood floor! :-O No damage, luckily, though my heart stopped, and I think I cried a little…

I was about 20 months in to a 2 year contract with Verizon, but since Verizon is raising the price of their text messages from $0.10 to $0.15, my contract states that I can end service with no Early Termination Fee. There’s a great script/post over on with all the info I needed to get my service dropped with no fee. I was prepared for battle – no one can throw a consumer tantrum like I can – but they were really nice about it, and didn’t resist at all.

I love my new phone, and HSDPA is quite fast – I have about two bars here at home, and I did some speed tests from (the 1MB test), and got about 850Kbps. Very nice! 😀

The biggest change is that I didn’t bother to try to port my number from Verizon. So I have a new phone number for the first time in 7 years. I also wanted to try out, a number abstraction service (think FeedBurner for your phone). It lets me do custom call routing and answering, emailing me voicemails, call recording, and a lot of other cool features. And it’s free (though they might charge for Premium services in the future, only to recover costs they incur).

So I’m going to give you that number, instead of my real cell phone number. Like FeedBurner, I could change my number again in the future, and my GrandCentral number wouldn’t change. The downside is that if I decide I don’t like GrandCentral, I have to tell everyone to update their address books again with a different number. Jason Harris and I have been batting the idea around, and one other shortcoming is that you can’t send text messages to a GC number, and if you use a lot of Mobile-to-Mobile minutes, incoming calls might not count as a mobile-to-mobile call.

My new number is:


I’ve updated the sidebar on to reflect this, but if you had my cell number in your address book anywhere, please take a second to update it now. Am I crazy for putting my cell phone number on my blog? Maybe. But in the couple of years I’ve had it there, I’ve only ever had good things come of it – never a bad/unwanted/spam phone call. And GrandCentral has spam filtering, so I’m not worried about that, either.

I’ll keep you updated on the new phone, service, and the Grand Central experiment – let me know if you have any questions! 🙂


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  5. > one other shortcoming is that you can’t send
    > text messages to a GC number

    Darn, I had my SMS all typed up when I read that :/ Shame though, since I doubt you get a lot of text messages from the Netherlands :p

    Enjoy the new phone!

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  7. Jona Titus says:


    That is so cool. I’m so wanting a new phone right now but I’m trying to wait it out and decide. Do you TOTALLY love it?

  8. Forrest says:

    Just sent a text message to my GrandCentral number and it was delivered to my cell phone as a Text to Landline message. It’s pretty cool to have your text message read to you on the phone. The downside is there is no way to respond 🙁

    Separately, thanks for your comments on GrandCentral. It really helps to validate my own experience… which has been excellent with one exception. My GrandCentral email address is not currently working but they s/b working on it as we speak.

    Good liuck with your new phone and with GrandCentral.


  9. I found a website from a friend on his blog and it allows you to type in a message and send calls to other users.

    The neat thing about it is it seems to spoof the caller ID some how. When you send a message, it shows the number you typed into the FROM field and the name you put into the NAMe field.

    Once you enter the information into the form above, the number you chose to dial will be phoned and the selected voice will read the message entered. The caller id number can be made up, however it most be in the correct phone number syntax ie: 444-414-0000. Both numbers must include the area code for this form to work. Once populated and submitted your request is transfered to cdyne where the call is created.

    Any one know how they’re doing this? I’m curious, I would like to do something similar without having the demo message at the end about CDYNE.

    Check it out when you get the oppurtunity and reply if you know of any other options, how-tos etc. None the less callitfake is pretty fun to use to mess with friends.

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