It’s all about love

Every time I read a post from Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users, it makes me want to blog about it. At the very least, I always include it in my linkblog. How can one person just “get it” so much?

Go read this post about the “real” secret to success – love. Right now, my love for software and social media (blogs, podcasting, wikis, etc.) is intersecting with my job – the more effort I put into learning and sharing the cool things that we can do with social media, the more successful I am at my job. That’s why I call my new job as Social Media Evangelist for Intel Software Network “my dream job”, and why I’m excited to go to work every day (really – even though that sounds so corny, it’s true).


Does your job intersect with what you love? If not, what can you do to change that? Figure it out, then do it. Believe me, it’s SO worth it. 😀