Teaching a workshop on Podcasting and Social Media

Right now I’m at the Capital Center, home of the OSU Extension Service here in Beaverton, Oregon. I’ve been helping out a great group of kids and teachers as part of the 4-H TechWizards program (see this set of photos on Flickr from the night we were at Intel Oregon’s Information Center). This is a group of high school age kids who are interested in technology, and this particular crew is focusing on podcasting.

I’ve met with them a few times, talking about how to record a podcast, and they’ve got recorders and show ideas, and have been out recording and publishing shows. I set up an instance of WordPress for them to publish from at, and you can see the fruit of our labors.

Today is an all day workshop that the kids are teaching for other 4-H students and faculty. They’re teaching about what a podcast is, how to record one, and how to publish. I’m just hanging around as an advisor/assistant.

Right now, we’re actually recording ourselves making pig sounds. It’s a long story. 🙂

Also, the WiFi here is down, so I’ve got an ad hoc wireless network going, using my fast 3G HSDPA Cingular connection as the uplink, and my new Mac Book Pro as an access point. Isn’t technology great? 😉

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