The new Intel Software Network blog is alive

We’ve been in the process of moving the Intel Software Network blogs over to WordPress since, well, before I joined the ISN team. Today, the migration is complete, and the shiny new blog is up and ready for you to subscribe!

The new setup is actually just a single WordPress blog, which simplifies things a LOT on the backend, but you can still view posts (and subscribe to separate feeds) based on author or category. You can pretty much add “/feed/” to just about any page on the blog, and get an RSS feed for it. The main feed for all posts is here.

Since I am ISN’s “Social Media Evangelist”, I just did an introductory post, and of course, I’ll continue to blog here, as well as there. Expect some cross polination where topically appropriate. We’ll be making improvements as we go along – we don’t expect to be perfect right out of the gate. So please, have a look, and let me know what you think. Better than they way they were? Something not working for you or driving you crazy? Post a comment, there or here, and let me know, and we’ll fix it.

Thanks!  😀