7 thoughts on “What I’ll be doing the rest of the day

  1. I got mine just over a month ago, and I love it! You’ll be very happy with yours.

    There’s quite a few things that, coming from the linux/windows world drove me nuts, but I’ve found ways to configure 99% of them.

    Let me know if you want any of the tips I’ve picked up 🙂


  2. Oooh. Verah nice. I have a regular white cheapy MacBook that I just love. I haven’t powered on my older Windows based laptop since I bought it. I use it for everything. Microsoft gets no more of my money.

  3. Jona Titus says:

    I have had a 17 inch macBook Pro since November and LOVE it! Love it!..Of course that was after recognizing that not everything I had would work on the core 2 duo.

  4. Navdeep says:

    Wow.. you are so lucky man! I am very jealous right now. When can we get some sweet unboxing pictures of the laptop?

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