Where the dots come from, and playing with Shozu

Where the dots come from, originally uploaded by Josh Bancroft.

I love this sign on one of the labs I walk past every day at work. Hope I don’t get in trouble for taking the picture. Heaven forbid the world finds out that the DNS guys at Intel have a sense of humor. 😉

I’m trying out Shozu, a Windows Mobile app that lets you define a bunch of destinations for photos and videos (Flickr, your blog,, YouTube, etc.), and then makes it one-click simple to publish stuff. On my Cingular 8525, it even hooks into the camera application, and asks me where I want to send a photo after I’ve taken it (though for some reason, it doesn’t automatically ask when I finish a video). I’ve wanted to try it for a while, but my previous Windows Mobile phone (Samsung i730) didn’t have a camera.

So if you see an increase in cameraphone pictures in my Flickr stream, and an increase in random choppy videos in my stream (both of which are spliced into my linkblog feed), now you know why. 🙂