David Pogue likes, too

Noticed this NYT article from David Pogue on the top of Techmeme tonight: One Number That Will Ring All Your Phones. It’s about, the disruptive service that I’ve been using and loving. Pogue gives a good overview of the service, and even points out some features that I didn’t know about, like this one:

Anytime during a call, you can press the * key to make all of your phones ring again, so that you can pick up on a different phone in midconversation, unbeknownst to the person on the other end. For example, if you’re heading out the door, you can switch a landline call to your cellphone — or as you arrive home, a cell call to a landline, in order to save airtime minutes.

He makes a good point at the end, that summarizes the “wow” impact that GrandCentral can have on you – that it will do for your telephone calls what TiVo did for TV. That’s a great way to put it. 🙂

My GrandCentral number is posted over in the sidebar on my blog, so you can reach me easily. I had my cell phone number there before, and only ever had good things (e.g. opportunities) come from it. My GrandCentral number is there now, not because I want to filter out bad calls (which I never got before), but because it’s become my new “main” number that I give to everyone, so I can take advantage of all the cool features of GrandCentral. So give me a ring if you have something cool and geeky to talk about! 🙂


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  2. Josh,

    From another Josh, thank you so much for all of your goodwill toward our service. It’s amazingly exciting to see the features and interfaces we dreamed up be so useful to so many other people. I wanted to suggest one of our click-to-call web buttons for your site. Instead of simply posting your number, you can embed one of these buttons on your site and GrandCentral will connect both parties together. It even allows you to have custom group settings for all calls originating from the button! Again, our thanks.

    Sen. Flash Dev, GrandCentral

  3. Thanks! I’ve been meaning to set up the call me button on my site – just haven’t gotten to it yet. I’ve seen it on my friend’s site, and it’s very cool. Great idea, great implementation. And thanks for being so involved in the community – stuff like this, leaving comments on blogs, etc., goes a long way to build the good will that you guys are enjoying. So keep it up! 🙂

  4. Hey Josh,

    I too have been using grandcentral for months. Have been happy overall but am disappointed to see no one bringing up the real reason I can’t go all in with the service


    1) in the form of outbound calling. there is still no way to present your GC number as your caller ID. most people see the number I call from and call me back on that number. with the advent of adding caller ID numbers to cell phone addressbooks, this will continue. It really undermines the “one inbound number to rule them all” philosophy when people have such an easy bypass method

    2) text messaging
    the service does not support inbound or outbound text messaging. this is a growing form of communication and yes, “voice 2.0” is interesting, but it misses the point. i believe we should be looking at “communication 2.0” or “messaging 2.0”

    the walls between voice, text, email, IM are falling. i cannot actually give out just “one number” because I want and need to be able to text and be texted. This feeds right into problem #1 above.

    for such a future-y web2.0-y service, i’m a bit disappointed to see this singular focus on voice as the only mode of supported communication

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