Download the “Destroy the Castle” Demo Code from GDC

For those that were at the “Threading for Performance” all day tutorial session that Intel put on at GDC last week, this will look very familiar (and there were a lot of you!). More importantly, here’s the elusive link to download the code for the “Destroy the Castle” demo, so you can continue to play with it, and work through the labs on how to optimize the game for a multicore, multithread environment (like a dual or quad core processor).

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted – I’m still digging out from under the avalanche of cool stuff from GDC! 🙂

If you have any questions or problems with the demo, make sure you head over to the Multicore community area of Intel Software Network. Steve Pitzel and the rest of the ISN multicore guys will take care of you. And if they don’t, let me know, and I’ll go give them a wedgie or something. 😉


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