Game Blogs that are covering GDC

There’s so much going on here at GDC that there’s no way one person can take it all in, let alone cover and report on it all. But there are dedicated bloggers and journalists that are doing a great job of tracking what’s going on here:

  • Gamasutra – Gamasutra is kind of the “official” coverage of GDC, featured on the official GDC web page. They’ve got a ton of stuff up already, and I expect a lot more as things kick in to top gear tomorrow.
  • Joystiq and Kotaku, the venerable game blogs from Weblogs Inc. and Gawker, respectively, each have GDC categories, and are delivering the scoop in their own unique style.

And of course, stay tuned to this blog, and to the Intel Softare Network blog for more GDC updates from me. 🙂