Holy cow, I’m almost in the Twitter Top 100

Twitter mashup sites are popping up like weeds these days. They spread through the collective twitterconsciousness in a matter of minutes, like Twittervision (it would be fascinating to track the popularity of new Twitter memes over time – the rate feels a LOT faster than even blogs, Digg, etc.).

I just now got around to checking out the latest Twitter mashup, Twitterholic, which ranks the top 100 Twitter users by number of followers. Of course, Leo, Scoble, and Ev are in the top three, but even the #100 ranked Twits only have about 120 followers.

And I thought to myself, “Heck, I have 80 followers. With a few more, I could break into the Top 100 Twitterholics, and my head would get even bigger!”

So if you’re not already following me (and really, I can’t imagine why not), head on over to my Twitter page, and add me. It only takes a second. And I add my followers back as friends, so let’s see if we can break in to the top 100! 🙂 Or not. It’s still a cool site. And it even has an RSS feed!