The Twitter Effect

The Twitter Effect, originally uploaded by Josh Bancroft.

This is how many text messages Cingular said I sent and received last month. That, and they list out every data access session (which is in use pretty much constantly for email and Exchange Activesync). The bill was 31 pages long, and came in such a fat envelope we thought they had sent us a small book.

Good thing I have an unlimited text messaging plan, or that would have been painful, at $0.15 per tweet. Ouch! Actually, I did get burned by a big phone bill in January, back when I was on Verizon. 280+ messages at $0.10 each. An extra $28 bucks in the phone bill.

Twitter can be an expensive habit, people! Make sure you’re on a text message bundle plan, or turn of text messages from Twitter (but what’s the fun in that?!). 😉


8 thoughts on “The Twitter Effect

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  3. I continue thinking it’s totally barbaric of phone carriers to charge for received text messages. People are being charged for something they can’t control!

    It’s worse than charging people for incoming calls when they’re abroad — at least they can hang up.

  4. JD wrote a post yesterday speculating on how much $ Twitter must pay in TXT msg’ing charges per month. I turned off TXT msgs on my old Twitter account in January after I racked up $10 in extra charges.

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  6. Joe Perrin says:

    If you have a (unlimited) data plan and a java enabled device (Phone, SmartPhone, Pocket PC) you should check out Tiny Twitter. It runs on your device and wont cut into your SMS (Text messages) See for more details and the download.

    Hope this helps save you some cash.

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