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Video: DeepFish Mobile Web Browser

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Here’s a 17 minute video I shot today showing off Deepfish, a new mobile web browser from Microsoft’s “Live Labs”. The video shows how Deepfish doesn’t try to squash normal-sized web pages onto your mobile device’s screen, but instead lets you scroll and pan smoothly, and zoom in to the parts of the page you want to read.

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I also compare Deepfish to the default Pocket IE browser that comes with all Windows Mobile devices, so you can see what really makes it different.

This is a beta/tech preview of Deepfish, so there are some rough edges, but it’s a very cool technology – similar to the mobile Safari browser that Steve Jobs showed off on the iPhone.

You can find out more about Deepfish, and sign up to be a tester at labs.live.com/Deepfish/. There’s also another video overview on Microsoft’s Channel 10.

This video was shot with my Canon XH A1 HDV camcorder at 1080i, then edited in Apple iMovie 6 HD and exported as a 320×240 Quicktime video file. It weighs in at 312 MB, and was cropped from 16:9 widescreen to standard 4:3 aspect ratio (and I chopped off the sides of some of the titles/credits in the process – oops!). Here’s a direct download link to the movie file.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions! I don’t have any affiliation with Microsoft, but I’ll be happy to help if I can.

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13 thoughts on “Video: DeepFish Mobile Web Browser

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  7. JF says:

    So do you think this represents a significant leap forwards? You seemed to have to do an awful lot of clicking to get to anything readable there. After years of browsing the web on mobile devices, I can think of nothing more irritating. I’d much rather everything was reformatted into a single column with no horizontal scrolling for reading with a vertical scroll wheel!

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  9. 312MB?? For 17 Minutes? At 320×240?? You need to learn how to compress video. Apple final cut pro is only an editing tool, it’s not good at packaging video for distribution.

    Your main issue is using Quicktime as an output format. It should only be an intermediate format used to export the final movie from Final Cut.

    Try XVID (http://www.xvidmovies.com/mac/), it’s a free open source codec that will more than halve your file sizes while retaining the same quailty.

    Heck just upload the movie to YouTube, then I can watch the video right from your blog post and spare you the bandwidth.

    312MB for 17 minutes is just unacceptable.

  10. Joe Gershgorin says:

    Neat, but I think I like Picsel better. Picsel seems faster (you have to dig around for the Samsung Windows Mobile version that works on other Windows Mobile devices, since they don’t sell directly to consumers). Microsoft should seriously consider buying out Picsel.

    Here’s a video of it running on another platform:

    On Windows Mobile it’s much faster.

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  13. Leander says:

    I wanted to thank you for publishing this videoclip in which you tell us a bit more about Deepfish. Now I know how to handle this little software tool, it has given me a lot of browsing pleasure so far!
    This video definately has helped me!
    Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

    Kind Regards

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