Whoa, I’m in BusinessWeek

Man, if I don’t stop getting all this press, it’s going to go to my head, or something. 😉

Got a link from a couple of friends this morning about my name appearing in a BusinessWeek article about corporate wikis (since I created Intelpedia, Intel’s internal company-wide wiki). I had forgotten I talked to the BusinessWeek folks, so I wasn’t expecting to see this story come out.

In late 2005, Intel engineer Josh Bancroft needed a tool that his colleagues could use to share company information, from historical highlights to progress of internal projects. Inspired by Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia assembled by users around the world, he devised Intelpedia, an internal Web site that draws on the input of employees companywide.

Although it ruffled feathers—some employees don’t like being edited by colleagues, especially those further down the org chart—Intelpedia caught on. In a little more than a year, Intelpedia has amassed 5,000 pages of content and garnered 13.5 million page views. “Employees can be frustrated that somebody else edited their work,” says Jeff Moriarty, collaboration technical architect of Intel’s information technology group. “It’s a disruptive capability—it shakes things up.”

Welcome to the world of corporate wikis.

The article is titled “No Rest for the Wiki”. Heh – nice pun. Not sure what it means, but it’s funny. And my favorite Intel blogger Jeff Moriarty got quoted in it, several times! Way to go, Jeff. 🙂

Nice way to start a Monday morning, no?


5 thoughts on “Whoa, I’m in BusinessWeek

  1. Jona Titus says:


    How easy/hard is it to create a corporate wiki? I’m looking to do something like that for the company I now work for but I’m no techno geek.

  2. @ Chris – thanks! 🙂

    @ Jona – It’s really easy. I use and recommend MediaWiki ( All you need is a web server and a database, all of which are free and easy to install. Check out the documentation on the site, and I’d be happy to chat with you some time about getting one going for your company (depending on what resources are available and what is needed, there are other even easier options).

    Good luck, and have fun! 🙂

  3. No Rest for the Wiki

    I would think the title is referring to the fact that wiki’s continually get information added to and removed. 🙂

    I know you probably didn’t really care what it meant but I feel like typing today. 🙂

    I even posted to my own blogs!

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